Understanding High Levels of Sexual Fantasies, Urges, and Behaviour

Part One

Principal Investigator: Dr. John Bradford, Royal Ottawa Health Care Group


The purpose of this study is to research the rates of sexual thoughts, fantasies and behaviours in the general public. Taking part in this survey will entail giving your consent and then filling out an online survey that should only take about 20 to 30 minutes. By taking part in this study, you will be helping to inform future research in the area of sexuality. RISKS There are no known physical, psychological, economic, or social risks linked with this study; but some people may feel some emotional distress, embarrassment or discomfort due to the personal nature of the questions being asked.


You must be 18 years of age of older to complete this survey. Whether or not you decide to take part in this study is fully up to you. Although it would be greatly appreciated if you would answer all of the questions honestly, you should not feel obliged to answer any question that makes you feel uncomfortable. You may also withdraw from the study at any time without penalty by closing the browser.


Your identity will be kept private to the fullest extent possible. The survey will require that you provide an email address so that if you choose, you may participate in the follow-up study in one month’s time by clicking on the link sent by email. Please note that neither survey asks for your name or any other identifiers, nor will they record your IP address (the unique identifier associated with any computer device that connects to the Internet). If you would prefer, you can create a new email account solely for the purpose of participating in this study. We will only contact you using the email address you provide, with your permission, to invite you to participate in our second study. You can decline this option when completing the consent form, in which case we will not attempt to contact you at any point and it will not prevent you from participating in the current study. Your data will be kept in a locked office that can only be accessed by the research team. It will be destroyed 10 years after the study is finished. The results of this study may be published, but only data combined across all who complete the survey will be used. Your own answers will never be used in any reports.


If you have any questions about the survey, or if you would like to learn the results of this study, you may contact Susan Curry, Research Coordinator, by phone at 613-722-6521 (ext. 6359), or by email at STUResearch@theroyal.ca. Any concerns about the ethics of the study may be conveyed to Dr. Pierre Blier, the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group Research Ethics Board Chair, at 613-722-6521 (ext. 6944) during regular business hours. This study has been granted clearance according to the recommended principles of Canadian ethics guidelines, and the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group’s policies.


Again, thank you. Your participation in this research study is greatly appreciated.