Seeking Participants


·Are 18 or older.
·Speak, read, and understand English.
·Have an opposite-sex non-full sibling (This means that you do not share the same biological mother and/or father. This includes opposite-sex half-siblings, step-siblings, and adoptive siblings).

Researchers at The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research and the University of Ottawa want your opinion! We are conducting a survey asking for your experiences regarding a number of behaviours. Measures include questions about your childhood, your parent(s), your sibling(s), and your attitudes and opinions. You will be asked to complete some measures of your opinions and experiences about sexual behaviour (e.g., sexual assault). Your responses to these measures will be completely anonymous.

To thank you for completing the survey, you could win 1 of 200 $25 Amazon gift cards. 

We highly recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to complete this survey. Some features of the survey may be difficult to complete on a mobile phone or tablet.

Potential Negative Consequences to Participating:  

You may experience anxiety, emotional distress, or 
embarrassment due to the sensitive topics being studied.  

This study has received clearance by The Royal Ottawa Health Care Group’s Research Ethics Board (Reference # 2016005).

If you are eligible and interested in participating in this study, click Next.